Out now: How We House Vol. 2

How We House Vol. 2 …available at a digital record store near you.

Sept 8th, 2014 MEME0002 hit the streets. Why do our catalog numbers go into the thousands, you ask? Because Mitch, our branding consultant (and sometimes graphic designer) liked the symmetry of four letters and four numbers. And why not?

We’ve got some great new music to bring to your eardrums from Jus Nowhere, Rhythm Operator, Pyrrhic, Ross Waldemar ft. Anthony Poteat and newcomers Luke Hazell, Jeff Swiff, Stolen Cargo and introducing CTRL+F with a breakout tune called “Pressure Cell.”

This collection spans a range of tastes and refuses to be slotted into a narrow category.

Jus Nowhere‘s flawless “Chest Pains” layers classic groove elements with forward-thinking vocals; perfect for a sweaty club. We’ve tried it. It works.

Pyrrhic knocks it out of the park with an anthemic Future Garage take on a popular vocal with “Got Me Feelin’.”

In the middle we’ve got some surprises like Jeff Swiff‘s killer hook from “Steez Bump” and Stolen Cargo‘s Nu Disco masterpiece “Glitterball”.

There’s also a Bass House take on some freakishly twisting minor melodies (CTRL+F’s “Pressure Cell“) and Acid House influences in Rhythm Operator‘s mind-bending “Gotta Know”.

We swing toward Deep Vocal House comfort with Ross Waldemar ft. Anthony Poteat‘s “Help Me”. Luke Hazell rounds things out with a kick heavy banger highlighting unforgettable soulful vocals, on “Lost Cause.”

Find it in a digital store near you!