Pre-release buzz for How We House Vol. 1

Chris Luzz (Manhattan Projject) – “super dope VA LP from my buddies at meme! don’t want is my fav.”

FOG (Ninja Tune, Noir) – “Jammhot is the winner here.Strong package overall , thanks”

LTJ Bukem (Kinetic, Good Looking) – “nice music all round – really like Sam Haas – Changing Lanes”

Mirco Violi (Hypercolour, Catwash, OFF) – “nice tracks.full support.”

So Deaf! – “Really like Jammhot. Will play for sure.”

Vanilla Ace – “JammHot and Soundbed for me.”

More Feedback

Aldo Cadiz (Desolat, VIVa) goooooood pack
Amine Edge & DANCE (CUFF) rthx
Animal Trainer (HIVE, Stil Vor Talent) Just luvin Changing Lanes & Decadance! Animal t.
Anthony PL Full support!!!
Ashley Wild (Hot Waves, MEXA) Liking Don’t want and decadence – nice release
Balcazar & Sordo (Hot Waves, Dirt Crew) Changing Lanes
Brandon Block (Space Ibiza) cool ep wicked tracks
Brothers’ Vibe (BV Black, NJ, USA) ALL good!
Camiel Daamen (Eklektisch, VIVa) Decadance [The Sermon] and Changing Lanes for me!
Carlo Gambino (Hot Waves,Midnight Social) Great EP! Some really bits on offer here – Sam Haas – Changing Lanes (Original Mix) is lovely. Right up my street! support.
Ceri (Hot Creations, Wiggle) nice release some sweet deepness in there x
Chris Fortier (Bedrock, Thoughtless, Highway) smooth
Chris Luzz (Manhattan Projject) super dope VA LP from my buddies at meme! don’t want is my fav.
DJ Da (Autem, Street King, Yoshitoshi) interesting V/A! Thanks for the music! Framewerk is my pick!
Exequiel Brandan (Minus, Airdrop, Earlydub) nice ep!!
FOG (Ninja Tune, Noir) Jammhot is the winner here.Strong package overall , thanks
Francesco Bonora (Plastic City, Escapism) Perfume is cool
Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Lucidflow) Huge one! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the music! I will consider for my Radio Show at Delta FM 90.3 in Buenos Aires and also for my dj sets! πŸ˜‰
Gareth Whitehead (Poker Flat, Bullet Dodge) nice collection of sounds
Luis Leon (Cimelde, Blankhaus) Haze Jazz for me
Matteo Floris (Svogue, Sleep is Commercial) framewerk for me! will try out soon, love the bassline πŸ˜‰ thanks for the music!
Nobody Knows (MEXA, Love Not Money) Nice pack! Thnkx
Pablo Bolivar (8bit, Desolat) great tunes in this comp! JammHot is my fav, thanks for the great music!
Pazkal (Moodmusic, Liebe*Detail) Framewerk for me.. thanx guys <3 pazkal
Raffa FL (Swink, Resonance, Tulipe) Walka for me! So niccceeee!
S!LK (Plastic City, Magnetic, Anti) Sweet Release. I will support
S.K.A.M (Exploited, Kumasi) will try some of this tracks, thanks
Saccao (Playperview) thxxx… nice one .. support from me
Simi (SCI+TEC, Moan) YES !!
Sinnmusik* Sam Haas – Changing Lanes is my favourite but overall a very nice and well rounded release! Congrats.
Slam (Soma, Drumcode, Paragraph) strong release – nice mixes – thanks guys – cheers
Stephane Deschezeaux (Sleazy Deep) Full support !
Tensnake (Mirau, Permanent Vacation) love some tracks, thank you downloading for tensnake
Thallulah (Sleazy Deep, King Street Sounds) massive VA , thanx
Toucan (Runnin Wild, Cream Couture) Nice jams
Trav & Volta (Kumasi, Sleazy Deep) Framewerk track is the one for us, thanks
Zoe Xenia (Plastic City, Kling Klong, Suara) Deep soulful vibes here, nice work!
MEME TEAM and Friends
Aaron Hart (Havens & Hart) No way I can pick a fave on this list. I love them all.
Alvaro Cintra Black Birds Nice ep
DJ Runo Framewerk for me, thx.
Fabry Pandolfo (Sleazy Deep) i love the whole EP! I find the last track really inspired… congrats!! Thanks
Heavy Pins nice ep
InSOUL grade A groove fellas, InSOUL approved πŸ™‚
James Dax Decadence, Changing Lanes and Stop It are my favs. Overall solid comp, nice work guys!
JammHot Obviously have to go for ours but also like sam haas and walka and sculpture and pyrrhic.
JammHot A really strong start for Meme, with something for everyone here, be it deep grooves, club rollers or something a bit more leftfield. Particularly feeling Walka & Sculpture and Pyrrhic’s joints…
Jeff Swiff A strong collection of tracks that move well throughout the current scenery that is: House. Well rounded with something for all the discerning heads out there!
Jus Nowhere quality release all around..big up MEME!
Spur Soundbed FTW!
Sam Haas Solid VA. Really excited to be a part of this one!”
Sans Sommeil Don’t want for me πŸ™‚
Sex Panda Crew great package, will play at Sex Panda Radioshow on Kiss FM. thanks for sending.
So Deaf! Really like Jammhot. Will play for sure.
Stolen Cargo Overall very consistent as a whole, and in particular there’s these two lines a little more dark and another more jazzy/funky. The tracks that don’t strike immediately tend to grow on you after a couple of listens far pleasing first album, plenty original sounding.
Stolen Cargo Framewerk – nice Sermon πŸ˜‰ JammHot – great pad atmosphere throughout the track. Sam Haas – nice deep dancefloor mood Roller City – house music vibes πŸ™‚ Soundbed – sounds great, track flows nicely Walka&Sculpture – love the tune In Soul – proper house feeling, great tune Pyrrhic – yes, nice track, dubstep vibes,sounds big!”
Vanilla Ace JammHot and Soundbed for me.
Editor,, Italy, Italy “release supported and featured on Different Grooves”
Editor,, UK Just the first track for me
Editor, Knightsoftheturntable, UK Massive compilation, all great tracks!
Editor, MagazineSixty, UK Good production
Editor,, Australia The Sermon!
Editor,, UK Best track for me is JammHot – Stop It I Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
Editor,, UK Some excellent work here, happy to support!
Editor,, Mexico Beautiful tracks!!!!!! thank You!!!!!
Editor, DJ Mag Espana, Spain “Framewerk is cool. and all the tracks. big ep. thanks”
Editor, Josep, Vicious Mag, Spain nice deep compilation!
Editor, Mixmag, UK Some killers here
Editor, Tillate Magazine, UK JammHot track is huge
Editor, Tsugi Mag (Benoit), France nice comp tx
Fritz FM | Nightflight only Walka & Sculpture for me
Marcus Wagner-Lapierre (FM4, Austria) Solid Tracks
Presenter, AMDJS Radio Show, Russia My fab here is the one by Walka & Sculpture, but a few others are great too.
Presenter, Capital Cyrpus Radio, Cyprus good
Presenter, Clubbers Guide Radio Show, Ireland JammHot – Stop It I Can’t Stop (Original Mix) gives me a cool cool feeling in my soul. love this great work !@@@@ top of the tip top pops
Presenter, Deadbeat Disco, UK Some cool vibes on here, some a touch ‘faceless deep house’ really, but all very well produced. The JammHot guys turn in a cool house vibe, Sam Haas drops a great percussive house cut, but the pick here is Pyrrhic, whose beaty workout is really cool πŸ™‚ Strong release overall for the floors.
Presenter, Deep & Deeper, Tunnel FM, Sweden Hot Release, full support.. Thanks for the good music!
Presenter, Digitally Imported Radio, USA Some great tracks! Supporting on Digitally Imported
Presenter, Electrojuice Show, UK Nice collection of tracks on this compilation, thanks
Presenter,, UK A few good tracks on here!
Presenter, Feel The House FM, Russia Big package! Superdope! love this.
Presenter, Frank McWeent Radio Show, UK Sweeeet stuff !!
Presenter,, USA jamm hot & sam haas are my favourites here thanks
Presenter, Hurly Burly, Frisky Radio, Holland COOL
Presenter, Ibiza Global Radio, Spain nice! will play it on Ibiza Global Radio, thanks!
Presenter, Ibiza Sonica, Spain Great thanks
Presenter, Ibiza Sonica, Spain ultra cool stuff
Presenter, Ideal Club Radio, UK some real nice summer vibes in this release…. Nice!
Presenter, Nightflight, Fritz FM, Germany support for changing lanes!
Presenter, Nino/Misk, AltroVerso Radio, Italy playlist in altroverso radio
Presenter, Noice Radio, France Nice sampler. I like several tarcks inside. I ll try it. Many thanks
Presenter, Noice Radio, USA awesome release
Presenter, Sedam Roses Radio Show, Argentina SUPER RELEASE!
Presenter, Shlomis, Tunnel FM, Sweden well done package! solid tracks all over, Diggin’ most of the tracks here & i will support them for sure… thanks.
Presenter, Subdivisions Global Radioshow, USA Stop It I Can’t Stop’ is nice – thx!
Presenter, Tenampa Radio Show, Mexico Too many good music here, hard to pick a favorite. Definitely will play some of this deep grooves.
Presenter, The Kitchen Club Radio Show, Italy Thank you for the music. We really like the vibe of Sam Haas – Changing Lanes (Original Mix)” it has great groove inside. Will put in our playlist