Ross Waldemar


Ross Waldemar

MEME artist Ross Waldemar

MEME proudly presents Ross Waldemar – Rosen Vasilev From Bulgaria.

Hailing from Pleven, Bulgaria, DJ and producer Ross Waldemar—given name Rosen Vasilev—started creating music in 2010, releasing his first tracks a year later. Since then, he’s worked with artists all over the world—ranging from Bulgaria, UK, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Austria as well as the US and other countries.

Influenced by a variety of artists, including Kerri Chandler, Frankie Knuckles, Nicolas Jaar, Nicholas, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mood II Swing, Detroit Swindle and Bulgarian artist KiNK, Ross centers himself in the Deep House genre. His unique style incorporates old school drum machines, analog synthesizers as well as the sounds of organs and pianos, infused with an 80’s/90’s feel.

After meeting NY-based artist Anthony Poteat online, the duo collaborated on several tracks, including “Hot Street” and “Help Me” featuring Poteat’s resonant vocals, the latter track forthcoming on MEME.

While Ross’s music is informed by his everyday life, he says “love and pain are the best inspirations.”