CTRL+F has a new single that sounds a bit like the love child of Ravi Shankar and Fuckpony, raised on a steady diet of recent Off and Noir releases.

…Bass & jack & garage influences with a peak hour vibe.

Breakout release “Pressure Cell” on MEME0002 “How We House Vol. 2” debuted September 8th, 2014. It sounds a little like Bass House took a trip… East. That project was a collaboration between Nathan Carlton and Aaron Hart.

CTRL+F steps up next with an impressive second release: a remix of Soundbed’s “Turnaround” single with vocalist Jenny Lovlein. This pumping call and response bass house groover builds the dance floor every time. Chopped vocals, crisp percussion and tape delays set the tone while deep Rhodes provide relief for a tasty blend of classic and contemporary house music.

Returning to MEME for a third release, CTRL+F delivers a body and soul teasing remix complete with a piano & bass house hook and an 80’s groove b-boy and b-girl taste in the buildup. Worthy of discerning crates. Ready for prime parties….