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Published on January 18th, 2015
EP: Turnaround
Artist: Soundbed & Jenny Lovlein
Release Date: 19/01/15
Record Label: MEME
Reviewer: AC Wilson

As I sit here in the midst of the morning after the night before, I contemplate what will help bring normality to my otherwise hazy head. Remembering being sent the forthcoming release from MEME, I decide to unpack the files and hit play to see what this great label has in store for us. Boy am I glad I did.

A single by Soundbed that features the vocals of Jenny Lovelin. It curates a wide and exciting range of styles with a well thought out formation of producers and, while it caters for many different appreciations of music it by no means lacks craftship or charm in any area.

The remix spectrum is covered by: David Pezzner, who has created some exceptional release for the likes of Blue Dye, Delusions Of Grandeur, Save You and so on in the past; Ross Waldemar – a fairly new producer on the scene with a fair amount of talent and is certainly one to watch out for; CTRL+F & Champagne who provide two excellent versions, however I regret knowing little about these two artists. Then of course the original leading the pack strongly indeed.

Sometimes labels try and bring in a range in order to drive more sales and quite a lot of time, the remixes don’t fit and the release becomes somewhat of a mish-mash of sounds and ideas. This is certainly on the other end of that spectrum though. It is a superb on every angle and covers a lot of ground indeed. By no means does it lack in any area. The producers have created something that can be enjoyed many times over for sure, but the label certainly deserves some praise with who they got on board.

This release – it just works on every level.